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The power of purpose is rooted in brain science.
The Neocortex.
The Neocortex is where we do our thinking. All of our language, numbers and, logic live there. But the Neocortex is not where we choose what actions to take.

The Limbic brain.
The Limbic brain evolved long before the Neocortex, and it is where our intuition lives. It has no capacity for language, numbers or logic, but the Limbic brain is where we determine our behavior.

If something doesn’t feel right to us, all the evidence and arguments in the world can’t convince us, unless they change the way we feel (intuition).

If you want someone to buy your product, support your organization, give 100% at work, or tell their friends about something, you need to reach the limbic brain.

But the vast majority of advertising, websites, conversation, social media, brochures, and presentations are full of words, facts, and arguments that appeal to the neocortex, but go no further, and therefore don’t impact behavior.
What works for the limbic brain is

If you share what you are honestly trying to achieve, people will feel for you. When we feel for something, we often go out of our way to support it.

We are not talking about profit. Profit is not the purpose of business just like electricity is not the purpose of a computer. You have to have enough of it to make the thing work, but the purpose lies in what you can do with it.

Having a clear and compelling purpose may be the key to effective communications, efficient systems, great teams, innovation and creativity, brand reputation, personal fulfillment, and financial prosperity.

Our Word
But don’t take our word for it.
Fostering Sustainable Behavior Change

“Programs that rely on heavily or exclusively on media advertising can be effective in creating public awareness and understanding…but they are limited in their ability to foster behavior change.”
– Fostering Sustainable Behavior Change

Start with Why

“Even though the things you do and the decisions you make may be good, they won’t make sense to others without a clear understanding of Why.”
– Start with Why

Firms of Endearment

“As we see it, the biggest winners from here on will generally be companies with a strong sense of social purpose…”
– Firms of Endearment

Conscious Capitalism

“For companies, purpose matters because it energizes them and allows them to transcend the parochial concerns of individual stakeholders…Having a compelling purpose can also galvanize a company to strive for greatness.”
– Conscious Capitalism

Our Why
Our purpose is to make purpose-driven business, the new business-as-usual.

That’s why we’re giving you our key insight and pointing you toward some of the books that inform our consulting for free.

You can go read those books and be well on your way to defining or refining your purpose. If you align the activities of your business or organization with that purpose, you will be better-off and so will your team, your community, and the world.

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